COVID-19 // Training During A Pandemic

In response to newly available information from the El Paso County Health Department and as a precautionary measure implemented to protect both the students and the instructor the following new guidance will be implemented Nov 1st. 2020 to help mitigate risk as the Colorado Springs community experiences an increase in COVID-19 infections.

COVID-19 Dashboard

Please take time to familiarize yourself with the map and dashboard information if you have not already.

Dashboard information is available here: El Paso County Dashboard
Current Map of County Status here: CO Covid Map

Defense Education Training - Policy

Training will officially resume on Jan 15th of 2021 as long as El Paso County is at Level 2 or lower on the COVID-19 dashboard.

Actions Requested of the Students:

1. Please download: Exposure Notifications (Official App from the State of Colorado)
2. Please shower & change into fresh clothing not worn in public that day before each training session.
3. If confirmed to be exposed or suspected exposure to someone displaying symptoms occurs, please do not attend class for 14 days.
4. If infected with COVID-19, or you suspect you are infected a negative test is required before returning to class.

Additional Information:

Defense Education’s policy will be more strict than that of the general policy of health department as social distancing cannot occur due to the close contact nature of the activity, and masks are not effective due to the contact nature of the activity, as well as the high likelihood they could be accidentally be removed during training.

All precautions must be taken by all parties to help ensure the virus doesn’t enter the classroom.

Mitigation by the Instructor:

All precautions requested of the student are followed by the instructor, as well as sanitization of all equipment between every session.


I know this is a difficult time, and we are all very fatigued by the virus and its impact on our lives. Thank you for your patience and understanding in helping make this activity as safe as possible during the pandemic. These measures according to CDC officials will likely remain in place until early 2022, and will be modified as needed to ensure the safety conditions for training.


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