Forward Summary:
  • Classes potentially closed for up to 18 months as a vaccine Corona virus is found and developed.
  • All those who have paid for classes will receive all sessions paid once it is safe to resume classes.
  • Defense Education financially unable to provide any refunds.
  • Online Courses to be provided hopefully within three months or less to provide support interim to re-opening classes.
  •  Free (4 Session) booster training to current students impacted by COVID-19 upon completing 20 hours of training.
Pain and Disruption:

I want to open this post/update by first drawing attention to the fact that while I don’t personally know the details of your struggle, I understand this is impacting all of you. Many of you are struggling with bills, unemployment, illness, death of friends and family etc. All of these matters and their impact are priority, and I am sorry for all that you are experiencing. I wish I was in a position to help or change these things for you.

This post and update I am sharing is meant to help bring clarity to the present and future for services I owe you communication as this pandemic intensifies and prolongs in duration.

Impact to Defense Education:

Right now all classes are entirely closed to all clients and have been since 3.15.2020. Classes will remain closed until a vaccine is available or social distancing is no longer required. I believe this could as an estimate take up to as long as 18 months according to experts. It upsets me that I don’t have a time line, that I can’t provide the stability or assurance for you of a hard date when things will return to normal. You deserve more than I can provide at this moment and it is painful as business owner, as an instructor, and as your friend.

I personally like many of you have lost all income, same for my wife, her mom, my father, most of the people I know. I have downsized the business to the very very bare essentials, training gear has been moved into our tiny one bedroom apartment, anything with a subscription other than website and online learning has been cut. The business is literally frozen at this point. I have been exploring options for how to get services back up and going, none that seem sufficient that will maintain the quality and effectiveness are known.

I want all of you to know that the classes you paid for will be available for you after this pandemic is over. I want to apologize that I am not financially in a position to provide any refunds. I am extremely grateful no one has requested a refund, thank you so much. Though I don’t generally issue refunds to begin with, if I was able in this situation I would in a heart beat as I know each hour you pay for equals several meals, tanks of gas, etc.  My wife and I literally are looking at cutting back on food in order to just pay rent at this point.

The Invisible Enemy:

If calculated in laymen’s terms over the entire event, which I understand some of the data is flawed, however, I can only go off the date being reported. Of cases known 46809 deaths and 193,177 recoveries have occurred, in laymen’s interpretation at this point the death rate is around 24.23%. I consider all active cases as outcome yet undetermined. New reports are indicating as much as 25-50% of the population could have no symptoms and be carriers, this is just educated guessing, and I lack the expertise to debate, clarify or provide better information on the matter.

Optimistic modeling estimates indicate as many as 200,000 death’s in the US alone in the next few months, this is low end estimates with potentially for a few million deaths if social distancing, and stay at home orders are not followed.

4.1.2020 - Bing COVID19 Tracker
Protecting My Customers:

Ethically, with safety in mind, knowing that some of my customers are medically vulnerable, as I myself am to this disease, I cannot run classes until this is resolved. This is very hard as I know some of you are in places where your very safety is at risk due to active threats, and all I can do at this moment is provide phone support/advice. The last time I had a bad case of the normal flu I had a steroid inhaler and in office breathing treatments prescribed due to breathing difficulties.

I absolutely must take this pandemic seriously, and there are reports of healthy people with no pre-existing conditions in their 30’s on respirator machines.

Helping During This Pandemic:

What I hope to do and has been one of the few things I feel I can do at this time is offer online courses. Unfortunately, these take time to build, I am slow at them, and in many ways I would like them to be higher quality or somehow better in comparison to the in class training. This is something newer I have been working on for a long time. My hope is that I can begin to release online classes within the next 3 months if not sooner.

I am new to this, and Defense Education has been in development for the Instructor-Led portion of training since 2013, with doors open in 2015. Please anticipate many bumps and rough points with the technology, quality, etc. I will give you the best I can offer right now with the promise I will continue to improve it as possible. 

Last but not least I encourage you to keep lines of communication open, call, text, email, anything you need, it doesn’t have to be an emergency we can even talk about the weather if it helps. I want you to know that even if we aren’t meeting once a week right now, I am still here, willing to at least listen, even if I can’t fix anything for you.


I want to offer you my gratitude for what little it may be worth. I am extremely thankful for all of your patience, caring, kindness, and calm. As a way to give back I want to offer free booster training (4 full sessions) to anyone who was a current student during COVID19 pandemic, that returns and finishes all 20 sessions. The booster training usually is offered 6 months after you complete training to keep skills sharp and to update, It is the best I have to give at the moment, and hope this will be of value to you.

Thank you so much, I will be reaching out in phone calls this week with each person to ensure you receive this update.


Cody Rauh, Owner of Defense Education

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