Where We Began

Defense Education was started in Colorado Springs, has been in operation since 2015, and its course curriculum has been in development since 2013.

Defense Education was initially founded with the intent to offer personal safety classes in regards to firearms training and hand-to-hand combat. Since it’s inception it has evolved to include skills more relevant to the actual threats and struggles we encounter on a daily basis, our interactions with other people and life in general. Defense Education has over 200 handwritten reviews testifying to the quality of the material and service we provide.

Our Specialized Flavor

Since 2018 we have evolved to focus specifically on the self-defense training and safety needs of women. Specifically, women going to college or traveling for their first time. Another important group our training is tailored for is the delivery of training to women who have already experienced violence, domestic abuse, and sexual assault.

Our training methods and approach are unmatched by any competitor we know in the state of Colorado. Providing a wide range of skills typically only found in a professional-level, usually male-focused law enforcement or military-grade training programs. We take the macho instructor ego out of the classroom.

Defense Education is a proud member of OSAC

Defense Education is a proud member of OSAC (Overseas Security Advisory Council) through the U.S. Department of State. Information provided through this partnership helps ensure our Abduction Prevention & Escape curriculum is relevant and current to regarding evolving global threats that impact travelers abroad.

Much More than Guns and Punches

For many students interested in personal safety the concept of “use of force” begins with and ends in a physical altercation, and focuses solely on their own safety. We are told we should de-escalate, and that we should have situational awareness, yet most self-defense companies focus on core training that is firearm or martial arts centric, leaving gaps in the number of tools and skills for the individuals for escalating situations that don’t require use of force.

In reality, most conflicts start before the first shot is ever fired, or the first punch is ever thrown. It is also the belief of the Defense Education community that “Safety Requires Community”, and that our actions and interactions have an impact on the lives of others. Whether it be how or what we communicate verbally or physically, the foundation of our core beliefs, or even analysis of social norms and their impact on the behavior of the general population’s attitudes and habits, skill development is a core foundation for mitigating the risk of conflict in all forms.

With this evolution in training material and strategy, an awareness has developed in the business culture of Defense Education, that if the goal is to be obtainable its strategy must be inclusive of a full community of diverse individuals willing to strive for the same vision. The community here believes that if even one thing taught positively impacts your quality of life, then we are achieving our goal of a society with less conflict and better interactions, which translates to a safer world for all of us.


Cody Rauh, Founder & Instructor

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