The Re-Opening Plan:

Coronavirus as we know it at the moment seems to kill nearly 2:10 infected according to: COVID19 Tracker if comparing death’s to recovered cases. Which means COVID19 is still a very serious risk.

That said and after careful consideration I have looked at guidelines from multiple state and federal agencies and have created conditions where I feel I would be safe to start scheduling classes again.

Condition #1: Proven Effective Vaccine.
Condition #2: Proven Viral Therapy that brings the death rate to below 1/100.
Condition #3: Two weeks or greater of no more than 25 new cases reported in El Paso County. Spikes lasting longer than three days over 25 new cases will result in a two week reset period of class schedule suspension. El Paso County Health Monitor

Evaluation period will start after August 1st, 2020.

Risk Mitigation During Operation:

Strict precautions will be taken as it is my assessment that the close quarters nature of the training and the length of training nullifies the protective advantages of masks. Which creates a substantially higher risk of exposure.

Mitigation Requirements:

1. All students must shower within 1-2 hours before their lesson.
2. All students must use a fresh change of clothes for class after the shower.
3. Student should not visit any other public places or between the shower and clothing change and the class.
4. A shower is strongly recommended immediately post class.
( I know we all usually shower every day, just plan on this being the day of the week you shower twice.)

5. All students will sanitize the their hands upon entry of the building.
6. Student MUST NOT have had any exposure to ANYONE in the past 21 days with known flu like symptoms…
( I know this means some delays between training sessions leading into the fall. This includes coughing, sneezing, fever, etc that is not known as allergies!)

7. All students must sign a new liability waiver, understanding they assume the risk of attending class.
( I respect anyone that wishes to wait longer, I want you to be safe!!!!)

8. Only the participant(s), max 4 will be allowed into the class room. All lessons that are not 1:1 training, must live together.
. No classes will be scheduled back to back, there will be minimum of 3 hours between class to ensure I can completely self sanitize as the instructor as well as sanitize the space.


Those With Known Health Risks!

You are asked to please wait until Jan. of 2021 to see if the measures will be enough to prevent spread! Also please note on August 1st, I hope to have 7-10 online classes ready that you will have access to while you wait to start! Every student will receive these online classes for free! More information will be released on how to access the online courses!

You are all super valuable to me, and I hope this provides a small light at the end of the tunnel. I refuse to rush in and risk your health, and if things get significantly worse or if one of the three conditions haven’t yet been met I will delay re-opening as long as necessary to prevent risk of loss of life.

Once I decide to start scheduling classes again, it will be your choice if you wish to wait or start!

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