I’d like to welcome you to this online course by Defense Education. At the time of this recording, this is most likely the first published version of the course that’s been released out in the open. There’s been many drafts before with different technology platforms that have been tested, and the purpose of this audio segment is to help you understand what content you should expect as well as how the course will continue to grow and evolve overtime. 

The Defense Education program that started in 2015 was pretty bare bones and it’s developing come a long ways in six years, I hope and expect these online courses will do the same, especially as they mature and as they improve the quality of the content will continue to get better. 

Right now, for the first draft of these courses you’re going to have audio and transcribe text. Later on you’ll have things that are pictures and images that go with the content and later on down the road some instructional video. Eventually I hope to add some interactive modules. Now currently for this course there is going to be a handout at the end a worksheet, as well as a quiz. Eventually once you pass all the components, you will be able to get a certificate for completing your training.

Before we end this section of the audio, I want to thank you for being one of the first s
tudents to take these online courses, this format is way outside of my comfort zone. Hearing myself on voice recording and editing audio, transcribing text and editing text is not the same for me as being in the classroom. It is my hope with your feedback and help that I can eventually bring the same quality to these online courses, as I do the classroom. So I would like to thank you in advance, and ask you once you complete the course to please complete survey at the end number one, and if you find the content to be of value to please remember to leave a Google review for Defense Education. 

Thank you so much, and I hope you enjoy the content. 

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