So what I’d like to do really quickly is breakdown the learning objectives for this course on Red Flag Awareness. Now some of you may be really familiar with some of the concepts in here. Some of you may be less familiar, and this is a beginner level course, so that’s completely fine. Everybody is going to find value. 

In the course material, we’re going to dig down on the various senses that you’ll use on what red flags are and how their danger indicates. We’re also going to discuss in the course levels of readiness, green light yellow light, red light phases, and the pros and cons to each, and then also communicating concern, communicating post trauma. So let’s say that you hopefully never experienced this, but if you do, this is the reason you’re taking the course. If you experience a traumatic event or incident. 

How do you communicate that with your friends with your family? How do you feel confident in talking about the situation you’ve been through and kind of post process? Communicate or deal with some of that, “Oh man, you know this actually happened?”, type of emotion that you may or may not experience at some point after. 

So that’s the course breakdown. Let’s go ahead and hop into it. I really hope you enjoy the course. 

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