This Morning's Event:

This whole lock down has had an impact on us all, part of the challenge during this has been staying healthy. Today, as I was walking loops in the park mid morning a man approached me and drew a knife at about 20 yards out. After a brief moment of standoff, he put the knife back in his pocket and left taunting me with gang signs. After calling 911, the cops only found his pants he had ditched. Minutes after he thought the cops had left he came back out in a different set of clothes, and approached me again on my way to apartment, he was determined to finish the job, luckily a police cruiser was going by and I was able to flag down the officer, they cuffed him and he was found with the same knife he pulled on me.

Later today he was released without charges due to lack of evidence, and he lives in the same apartment complex as myself and my wife. He was determined and his intent was clear, and as I tell you a fight against someone with a knife unarmed is a nasty coin toss. Today is the first day I have carried a firearm in nearly three years.

I also tell you that 9/10 the person who intends to harm you knows you, or is a result of a bad interaction. This guy was that 1 in 10, he never said a word to me, he sized me up, he decided I was going to be his target, no interaction no words. 

Firearms Training:

I am not personally a fan of firearms, it is my least favorite toolset, however, if you are going to carry one, you better do it right. You need to be trained, and I am sorry the concealed carry class offered by the NRA will not prepare you to keep yourself safe. Today’s encounter changed my heart on the topic of being unwilling to train despite my prior credentials as an NRA pistol instructor.

Once it is safe enough to resume classes I will offer firearm training courses as part of the course curriculum for those interested. I previously felt some how I would be responsible for the actions of those I trained, now I feel as an instructor I need to trust my students to use good judgement, and help mentor them to improve judgement. People will carry whether or not I train them, and I don’t want gun owners going out there without both the level of training realistic/reasonable/responsible to their safety in regards to firearms, and also the correct tools in their mindset for exhausting all their other options for the other 9/10 situations before going to a gun.

Truth & Reality:

It deeply saddens me to carry again, to pick up a life threatening tool I am well trained and efficient in with the capability to end life. It hurts my heart that we live in a world that not carrying could cost you your life. Both times he approached me, I remember wishing I had my firearm, I remember thinking, despite the training in disarms and improvised weapons, there was nothing to grab, and if he got within range I was going to get cut.

The world has changed so much in my lifetime, and today forced me to see that unfortunately there are situations where a firearm could save my life or the life of my wife. It isn’t a perfect end all be all tool, it is merely another tool in the toolbox, it does exist for a reason, and I feel I was arrogant to think given all the situations previously in my life, all the lessons learned, that I could continue safely without maintaining all the tools at my disposal, especially in a world where we no longer have a society that  places value on others health and safety.

You could  probably reason with 9/10 people, and today I was reminded of the 1/10 that only speak a language of violence and physical force, where lethal tools are sometimes the only tools capable of stopping an intent to destroy lives.


– Cody

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