This Tuesday I will be launching online training for a custom course I developed for 15 probation officers. Within the next 6 months, I will be providing training to members of the El Paso County CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) team as well. I believe by doing this that the content will be well refined before I started selling it online.

I believe training is important and that we should all strive to better ourselves. Online training offers the ability for people around the world to receive education via their phones. I am super serious about reaching 30 million people by 2030 with the training I offer. I believe if I can offer even one skill that makes a difference for someone then I have succeeded. People matter, we matter, how we interact also matters.

It would just be great to see people have better, healthier, and happier interactions. You can learn more about our online training at

All efforts take time and a lot of hard work and I am 100% okay with working 90 hour weeks to making this work. I believe the pay off to see people’s lives improve is just too great to not put the work in on this project. I am playing the long term game with this, a 10-year goal is a commitment. The best things take time and sacrifice, they never come easy. Not really sure a person can actually do something easily and appreciate its value, honestly.

If you aren’t looking for online training I still offer Instructor-Led and private lessons as well.

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