Delayed Re-Opening:

You are likely tired of hearing about it, I feel fatigued in talking about it. It has been an upsetting and costly year, both in lives lost and economically. The US Death Rate to Recovered Cases: Stands at approximately 14.4%, and for each person that dies another 1-2 experience long term damage or complications. So about 1/3rd of people infected are at risk of life changing/ending illness.

The trends are moving in a terrible direction, and it is arguably significantly more dangerous now right now than it was in the beginning.

New Target:

I miss you guys, I miss teaching, for lack of better words this sucks. I was very optimistic that August would be the month. I am trying to balance a triangle of your needs, ability to pay bills, and safety for everyone. I am trying to base my decisions based off the science NOT the politics. That said some of you may be simply too polite to express your disagreements with my decisions, and all I can say is thank you for your patience and courtesy. I want you to know, right or wrong, I am trying to make the best decision I can with the information I have at the moment, specifically prioritizing safety first.

The next target date for re-opening is January.

Bridging the Gap:

As you know I am working long hours, developing online content for all of you. I am hoping to release this content and more details by mid September. I am sorry that it isn’t the in person experience that matters to you and that you paid for. Once it is safe to do so that will be coming back, I will be honoring commitments that you paid for, I just don’t know how soon. Until then a digital substitute is the best I can offer until it is both safe and responsible to re-open.

I am very sorry I can’t offer more or better, right now in this moment, I seriously wish I could.


Cody Rauh, Owner/Instructor

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