Health & Safety Precautions

Paranoia? Nah, just playing it safe! <3

Defense Education teaches risk mitigation as the first step in personal safety. It is our culture that student welfare is of the highest importance, and our belief that neither the student or the instructor should be attending a class if sick with cold/flu/etc. Not only is it our belief it is part of our standard attendance policy that you do not come to class sick! Our posting of the Level 2 Safety alert is a reminder of our no sick attendance policy. Some of our clients may have underlying health issues that increases the risk of hospitalization if exposed to even a relatively common flu or cold.

This alert is not designed to scare you, it is just a friendly reminder we can always bump back your class a couple weeks, with no additional charge, your safety, care and comfort, and the health of all our students is priority.

Thank you so much, and if you are under the weather, get well soon!

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