Regardless of if you are Republican, Democrat, or Independent, left or right, Christian or worship the pasta you ate for lunch, then odds are you are human, and that means things between you and I are good. What I am saying here is I am creating safe space for you to have an opinion with me, and that means I don’t have to get angry even if I disagree, I most likely won’t even try to change your mind. Further more, even if you get angry as long as you don’t create danger or cross the line and threaten myself or the people I love, I am telling you it is okay to express your anger, upset and pain points. 

Put Down Your Torches & Pitchforks

Today people associate their identity to their job, their political party, their religion, their family, even their sports team. We fail to realize when we express ourselves if one of these things comes into conflict with another person’s ideology or core values we make them feel vulnerable or attacked. Now I agree we could all use a thicker skin, myself included, however, this is not a license to recklessly express our hate and dislike for others. I also believe we have the right to our own opinions, sometimes those opinions have to stay to ourselves though, and sometimes we need to look at our opinions, beliefs, and core values and ask why we think, feel, or believe what we do. Trying to suppress the feelings or thoughts of another person through fear and danger only works so long and usually has terrible consequences. 

Division Delays Progress

That said we need to stop trying to incite violence and rage, we need to stop threatening each other, we need to be united. Our country is known as the “United States of America”  not the Divided Peoples of North America, though I feel that title would be sadly closer to reality at the moment. When we have things like cancer, pollution, poverty etc, why can’t those be our enemies instead of each other. Physical violence is a tool, and it is the most direct, it is also the most destructive. We need more tools on our belt, which means something else other than shooting, stabbing or blowing each other up. We cannot move forward together if we are busy pushing against each other. We are creating more danger for ourselves by escalating so many small things from zero to sixty.

Last but not least I want to conclude this article with a great interview by Joe Rogan and Andy Stumpf, feel like you could use a few more tools in your tool belt then check out our training here!

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