If you follow the news headlines recently you have heard about the series of events which have occurred between the United States and Iran as things have escalated in the past few months. Everything from tanker attacks to attempted drone shoot downs to actual drone shooting down of a US Global Hawk surveillance drone. It has been intense and so close that the president himself has had to cancel military strikes against Iran just minutes before the point of no return according to articles by CNN.

While we as normal every day people don’t have our own standing military, economy, or land holdings, we can still learn something about conflict from the recent exchange of these nation state adversaries.


Every action in a potential conflict or in any social exchange will either escalate or de-escalate the situation. This isn’t only true of rival nations it also applies to nearly every interaction we have with anyone ever. This could be the car or truck beside you on the highway, the person on the bus or train, your boss, or even your own family. Conflict most often comes from a series of events, not just a one off incident, but a chain of events even if you aren’t present for it. If you have only been following the headlines recently on the US & Iran situation you might wonder why out of the blue two countries are threatening potential war. If you are a student of history however, you will know that conflict has been brewing since these two nations since the Iran Revolution back in 1979, after being one of the United States’ closest allies.


It is worth it to maintain our valued relationships and treat people well around us. Despite technological advancements such as social media we all still need face-to-face interaction, which is becoming harder and harder to find as our culture drives a Relationship-On-Demand attitude. These relationships help use know the normal baseline of behavior of those around as well as if there is friction between two people that could edge towards the physical conflict threshold. While conflict is natural and comes in all different forms on a daily basis, we are losing our ability to resolve conflict with less direct and physical skills as our empathy and emotional intelligence dull. It is absolutely critical for us to reestablish a healthy community of people able to communicate if we wish to have true safety.  

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